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"Perkins is a brilliant fiddler who sometimes flashes an aggressive drive."  —The Irish Echo


"Alison Perkins is indeed a very fine fiddler, and I am delighted to add my voice to her ever-growing band of admirers. I am very impressed by her playing and by her approach to the music. She conveys her musical ideas in a very expressive manner, wherein she gives scope to her creativity and imagination. She displays a wonderful command of her instrument, as well as a lovely sense of pace and timing in her playing. I have no doubt that we will hear a lot more about her, and a lot more from her in the future."  —Matt Cranitch

"Dexterous and authentically jaunty fiddle... Perkins also sports a low-set voice that sounds securely rooted in sean-nós style." —Songlines Magazine UK

"Alison Perkins. Grit. An individual voice. The most magnificent bow arm. Even a long note on an open string bursts with spring and propulsive energy, calligraphic variation of pressure. Elsewhere, her bowing bundles you along irresistibly and cheerfully towards a better mood." —Patrick Hutchinson

"...Subtle yet fierce fiddle." —Alex T. Davis, WTJU Folk 

"Alison Perkins is that rare musician whose virtuosity is rivaled only by her aesthetic sensibilities. Her phrasing has both grace and grit about it."  John Freeman

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